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Audit is a complex process. The role of auditors in the chain of financial reporting within a company or organisation is becoming increasingly important. We are also valued as trustworthy advisors. Auditing means gathering evidence on official claims, which are the topic of audit. The auditor through its work offers reasonable assurance that the accounts of companies and public subjects are free of material misstatement.


Our quality audit process is managed by our professional staff, drawing on its expertise in audit and other related fields.


We provide the following services on your behalf:


  • accounting records audits

  • Internal finance budget monitoring audits

  • audits of related services

  • audits of settlements, bankruptcies and liquidations

  • special status changes audits

  • budget audits

  • cost audits

  • business audits

  • current liabilities audits

  • other arranged business

  • increase of initial capital with in-kind contributions  (Slovenian Institute of Auditors: Part 6 of the official auditing regulation as set out in Slovenia’s Official Journal 44/19)

  • special audits

  • post-merger & acquisition audits

  • division audits

  • advice on how to transfer business assets from a sole proprietorship to a corporation

  • audits of EU funded projects

  • internal audits (outsourcing)

  • audits of public service contracts

  • production of special audit reports on budget use as set out in grant agreements for EU funded projects etc.


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