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Legal Notice

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The website provides general information on the products, processes and work culture at Revidera d.o.o.


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By visiting and viewing any part of the Revidera d.o.o. website, visitors agree to all the herein mentioned restrictions and terms of use. Should you not consent to all the terms mentioned, we kindly request that you not use the website. We advise that you on occasion also review all currently applicable Terms of Use and /or Data Privacy Directives, as these are legally binding.


Revidera d.o.o. manages, controls and updates the website at company headquarters in Slovenska Bistrica. The website is intended to be used internationally. Revidera d.o.o. cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the data published on the website in all the applicable countries; in the same way, it cannot guarantee that all products and services will be available in all countries in all of their forms, deals and under the same terms. Every individual visiting and viewing the website should take into account the legal directives in their respective country.


All the information and data available on the Revidera d.o.o. website is of a purely informative nature and is not intended to establish or enable you to enter into legally binding agreements unless explicitly stated otherwise (such as with the publication of official offers, promotional material, etc).


Limited liability

Although Revidera d.o.o. manages and will continue to manage the website with due diligence to ensure accurate information and current data, it withholds the right to at any time and in any way, it so chooses to alter the website content, whatever the reason, and without giving prior notice.


All the visitors to the website are responsible for the way and manner in which they use the website content. For this reason, neither Revidera d.o.o. nor any other legal or physical person that was not involved in the preparation and creation of the website can be held liable for any damages arising from accessing the information available on this website, visitors using or not being able to use the website content, and/or any errors or any omissions of content.


Intellectual Property Rights

All the information, photographs and images displayed on the Revidera d.o.o. website is, within the legally allowed framework, subject to copyright or another form of intellectual property right protection. Documents available on the website can only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes and for personal use, during which all the relevant warnings pertaining to copyright and intellectual property law need to be stated. Copying, unauthorized use, distribution, making changes to, or any other distribution of information available on this website without the explicit written permission of Revidera d.o.o. is strictly prohibited. Trademarks and services referenced on the website are registered by Revidera d.o.o., thus  Revidera d.o.o. holds the rights to their use.



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We use temporary (session) cookies to measure the number of visitors on our website, and saved (permanent) cookies to store contact data for later visits to our website, so no login is required for the next website visit. We also use permanent cookies, stemming from other websites: these are Youtube cookies that enable you to watch certain video content, as well as Google Analytics advertising cookies, with which we are able to establish how you navigate our website, which content you are interested in, and how long your visit to our website lasted. On the basis of this data, we are able to make adjustments to our website and make it more suitable to the needs of the users.


Cookie data gathered is analyzed solely for statistical purposes as well as to collect demographic data and interests of visitors to our website, but only in a way that does not allow for identification, in order to help us identify server issues, manage the website, and keep you informed about our products. Most browsers accept the use of cookies by default, you may, however, reject the use of cookies at any time. Should you wish to reject the use of cookies on your device, you may change the setting on your browser.


You can find out more about rejecting Cookies on our website. With regard to the use of Google Analytics



Revidera d.o.o. has technical and organizational measures in place that keep your data private and secure, preventing manipulation, loss, disappearance, or unauthorized access to your data. To ensure secure access and the confidentiality of your private data online, we also advise you use the standards firewall and password protection. We are not able to protect you against any and all forms of data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, changes, or disappearance, we can, however, strive to prevent such incidents to the best of our abilities.


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Constant information flow and updates also require that the visitors to our website on occasion review our Legal Notice section for any notices that might have changed. Rights to these changes are reserved.


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March 2021.


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