About Us

We strive to keep our knowledge up to date with the latest advancements in the industry, always building on our experience. We build our customers’ trust by using an individual, professional approach, thus achieving quality and efficiency.

Vision and Mission

The company’s mission is to offer its business partners effective services, in accordance with the local laws and international auditing standards.


By combining and constantly adding to our range of expertise we can guarantee an interdisciplinary approach to projects, thus increasing their efficacy. At our company with its 30-year tradition, we strive for annual growth that allows for an expansion of business and active fields of work. In 2008 we moved to a business park complex in Slovenska Bistrica, which was then expanded as a result of our business expansion in 2017. Our business is run in a modern and employee-friendly headquarters spanning over 700 m2. Each way of doing business could be the right one. We ensure it is the correct one.

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Renata Flis

Renata Flis, state internal auditor and certified auditor, and director of Revidera d.o.o.


She began her professional career as an auditor with the establishment of Revidera d.o.o. in 1989. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Maribor (finance).

E. renata.flis@revidera.si M. 00 386 41 845 705

"Revidera is a family-owned company specializing in providing auditing, taxation, accounting, and corporate finance services."


Slovenian Business Club

Revidera is a member of the Slovenian Business Club as we wish to be present on both the Slovenian and EU market in a club of entrepreneurs with similar values. Working together and exchanging experience and expertise between Slovenian Business Club members is something we consider to be our advantage as individuals do not have the power of groups, which makes cooperation a necessity. Members of the Slovenian Business Club strive for excellence in business, for adding high value, and for innovation. We strive to promote entrepreneurship and to present our vision for the economic development of Slovenia. As entrepreneurs, we work towards opening up new paths for exporting Slovenian products with significant added value and support the identity of Slovenian products abroad.