Each way of doing business could be the right one.

We ensure it is the correct one.

Extensive expertise and quality services.

We are one of the first private auditing and accounting firms in Slovenia, now drawing on over 30 years of expertise in the field. We abide by the highest industry standards in our work and offer first-class services to our partners. The firm employs a staff of 15 that are contanlty buiding on and expanding their existing skill set, and at the same time also gaining new experience.


We work closely with our business partners to provide first-class services. Throughout the years we have gained many new, satisfied business partners, building on knowledge and skills in various areas of financial accounting.


How We can help?

We specialize in auditing, tax consulting, accounting consulting, corporate finance consulting and other related services. By combining and building on our expertise, we are able to ensure an interdisciplinary approach to our projects, thus increasing the efficiency of our operations.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals, allowing us to not only meet, but also exceed our clients’ expectations. With our in-depth knowledge, we are able to easily adapt to our customers’ needs and offer comprehensive solutions to their challenges and wishes.

Highest professional standards

Revidera in its work uses the highest professional standards thus offering its business partners     first-class-services.

  • A happy, satisfied client is our primary objective

  • See how we apply the highest professional standards in our work

  • To find the right solution for you, tailored to your exact needs

  • Drawing on over two decades of experience in the field

  • We are a family business. A carefully selected team of experts.

Commitment to safe, fast and reliable solutions.

  • We combine and build on our expertise and then take an interdisciplinary approach to our projects.

  • We specialize in auditing, tax and accounting consulting, corporate finance consulting and other services upon request.


Our scope of services



The role of auditors in the chain of financial reporting within a company or organisation is becoming increasingly important. We are also valued as trustworthy advisors.



Since 1989 we have also been offering accounting services. Over the years we have honed our  skill set and have become a trusted and valued provider of accounting services, whilst being cognizant of the fact that as technology evolves, so does accounting work.



With our expertise and experience in the field we are able to grasp the practical implications of legislature on the business activity of our clients and are thus able to assist in the strategic and developmental aspects of business, maximising gains on their every venture.


Other services

Our CONFERENCE HALL is available for lease at a very accessible location in Slovenska Bistrica, it is also where we organize workshops for our clients. We are always there to listen to the wishes and needs of our clients so we can take them into account and plan with them in mind.

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